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How to Promote Your Band

The following band resources information is based upon input from numerous bands and musicians, the Bandmonster staff, and our contacts and resources in the music industry.

Quick Advice

  1. Open for other Bands
  2. Get in touch with other local bands that are more established. Offer/ask to open for them. You'll get a built in audience, and promotion is what it's all about at this point. Plus, it's a great way to learn the ropes from the established local indie bands.

  3. Play Open Mics
  4. Relatively easy to schedule, and great for live show experience in front of an actual audience. Size of your audience will vary. Always a good idea to scout out the venue first or you might be setting yourself up for an audience in the single digits. (Yes, that can and does happen). Play the same venues on a consistent basis, let the regulars get to know you, and (assuming you're any good) you'll be on your way to building a fan base.

  5. Play festivals, battle of the bands, etc.
  6. You'll get big audiences, which is both good and bad. If this is your first show and some people in your band are a little sketchy on where the changes are in a few songs... well, you don't want to let several hundred or thousand people know that you're just starting out. Practice a lot, make sure you're tight on every song, and have your set list ready. And put on a good show - be fun to watch on stage (practice this part, too). Yeah, your...


Recommended Reading on How to Promote Your Band

These are recommendations from our clients and staff (most of whom are in bands). If you have a suggestion, please contact us. If it's good, we'll list it.

The Indie Band Survival Guide: The Complete Manual for the Do-It-Yourself Musician
Randy Chertkow (August 2008)
Full of very practical information. Often recommended by our staff.

Getting Signed!: An Insider's Guide to the Record Industry
George Howard (October 2003)
Covers the more traditional model of getting picked up by a label, but still has quite a bit of relevant information. Needs updating.

Additional Resources for Promoting Your Band

These are sites our clients and staff (most of whom are in bands) recommend. If you have a suggestion, please let us know. If it's good, we'll add it to the list.

Selling your Music
Online store/distributor of independent music. You send them your music, they'll sell it for you, either via physical CD or digitally through iTunes and other online services. Allows you to accept credit card transactions for CDs and other merch at your shows. (A big plus).
The other big online distributor of indie music.

Website Related
Build your own website - geared towards musicians. Sell your merch, create mailing lists, forums, blogs, etc.
Even if you have your own website, you should still have a myspace page.
Post your upcoming shows, tour info, and band news to multiple websites, social network profiles, concert databases, and newsfeeds all at once via their website.

Online music competition driven by fan voting. A way to connect fans with new artists.

If you would like to contribute or make a suggestion for How to Promote Your Band, please contact us.

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