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One of our bestselling products: euro oval stickers. Your own letters and/or logo on the oval size of your choice.

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To order custom euro ovals stickers just click on the link above or call us at 1-800-310-7393. Your euro ovals will be printed with your letters / design on the oval sticker size you select. You can choose traditional black and white lettering, or you can go with colored text or backgrounds for something a little bit different - the choice is yours!

And to make ordering your custom euro oval stickers as easy as possible, we include Free Graphic Design! Whether you need a design from scratch, or if your artwork just needs a little improvement, we can do it. Simply describe what you're looking for, and we'll create the design. We'll even provide a free sticker preview for you to approve before we send it to print.

And just in case you were wondering..."WHY ARE THEY CALLED EURO OVAL STICKERS?"

In Europe, many license plate designs look the same, which makes it hard see the difference between the plates of various countries. In the late '60s the United Nations tried to eliminate the problem by requiring vehicles to have unique country ID stickers. These 'euro oval stickers' have either one, two, or three letters to indicate a car's country, and are required to be horizontal oval shaped stickers with black capital letters on a white background.

The current style of euro oval stickers in the US keeps the two or three letter concept of the original euro oval design, but since the stickers don't need to indicate countries the designs in the United States often stray from the European guidelines. It's common in the US to see euro oval stickers with logos, web addresses, and colored text and/or backgrounds.




Can I order if I'm not in the music industry?
Yes! We want your business! Everyone is welcome to our low prices and great service! Learn more.

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Bandmonster Fans:

"We received the decals yesterday. Thanks for your help with this project!" ~Julie, Pro Rodeo

"Art department is fantastic and we got our stuff right on time." ~ JD Miller

"Thanks for working this out for us. Hope all is well with everyone at Bandmonster. Stickers look great!" ~Nancy R,
Warehouse Skateboards

"Got the stickers in time for the gig. They look great. Thanks so much." ~Adam G, The Front Street Project

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